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MAA e-Bulletin Summer 2013 No.3 Practice Matters. Historic drafting board with double parallelogram linkages and balancing mass

Practice Matters. Historic drafting board with double parallelogram linkages and balancing mass.

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Manitoba Building Code Section 3.8 - Amendments

There is a new City of Winnipeg Bulletin: Manitoba Building Code Section 3.8 - Manitoba Amendments Regarding Washrooms.

Please contact Brad Loewen (at 204-986-5217 or or Richard Derksen (at 204-986-7871 or with any questions regarding this new bulletin.

National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB 2011)


Manitoba has never had an energy code for buildings. Last year the Minister tasked the Office of the Fire Commissioner and a sub committee (SCEWE) to review the model Code written by NRC for implementation in Manitoba and suggest amendment where regionally appropriate.

During the next few months the MAA will be discussing what building permit submittal requirements will be and how the code will be enforced together with APEGM and the authorities The MAA will also be looking at education opportunities relating to the NECB.

More information can be found at:

Contact Marten Duhoux – for more info.


A new Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between Canada and the US has been signed at the national level. Implementation is targeted for January 1, 2014 and will require at least 51% of the individual State Licencing Boards in the US to become formal signatories by that date. It is anticipated that all jurisdictions in Canada will sign on.

The Inter-Recognition Agreement that was signed in 1994, placed an unequal balance of control in the hands of the Americans, by virtue of NCARB's solitary control of the Council Record (which formed the basis of eligibility under the Agreement) and the provisions for its issuance. Although NCARB was able to unilaterally implement changes applicable to American architects (concerning education, experience and/or examination requirements for obtaining the Council Record), Canada had no similar ability; which meant that Canadian architects who satisfied alternate requirements for registration in their provincial/territorial jurisdiction, through completion of the Examination for Architects in Canada (introduced in 2008) and/or the new Canadian Experience Record Book (introduced in 2012), would be unable to qualify for a Council Record under the terms of the Agreement, without a minimum of 10 years post-licencing experience.

The intent of the new MRA is to assume a greater level of respect for the licencing systems which are in place in both countries, based on the significant and substantial equivalencies that exist, coupled with our experience during the past two decades. The new approach will therefore provide a degree of flexibility to facilitate changes that will no doubt occur over the long term, with eligibility requirements focused on an individual's registered membership in good standing in their home jurisdiction (which must also be a participant to the Agreement), in addition to one year's post-registration experience.

It is regrettable that the Americans have insisted on excluding architects that have qualified for licencing through a Broadly Experience Foreign Architect (BEFA) program in either country (as well as anyone who qualified through a foreign reciprocal licencing agreement) under the new MRA and the provincial/territorial associations in Canada have taken steps to ensure that the BEFA issue will be re-visited within a few years time.

Members are encouraged to review the information contained within the attached bulletin and the new Agreement itself.

*One final note: Although the intent had been to retire the Inter-Recognition Agreement from 1994 by the end of this year (regardless of whether a new Agreement was in place or not), one of the clauses which was included in the preamble of the MRA that was signed this past June, appears to declare that the Inter-Recognition Agreement from 1994 to no longer exist; and it is unknown what impact this might have on applications submitted over the coming months.

For more information:


The link to the Canadian Architectural Certification Board should read:

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