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MAA e-Bulletin November 2018 No.1 Every Building has an Architect. RED RIVER COLLEGE STTC | Number TEN Architectural Group with Pico Architecture

Every Building has an Architect. RED RIVER COLLEGE STTC | Number TEN Architectural Group with Pico Architecture

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Annual Membership Renewals

The MAA commonly receives a number of questions at this time of year, regarding when renewals will be forwarded and the deadlines for payment.

In December of each year, membership dues and practice fees for the following year are established by the MAA Council. Invoices are generally sent during the last week of December or first week of January and, in accordance with the provisions of the MAA By-Laws, are payable by:

a) the last day of February, without penalty; OR

b) the last day of May (with penalty, in the case of some membership categories).

Payments may continue to be made by way of cheque, money order, bank draft or cash; or by way of credit card (Visa and Master Card only), through the online payment option that can be accessed through ‘Online Payments’ button that is prominently featured on the homepage of the MAA website.

Recognition of ARE (NCARB) to be Sunset

There are a significant number of registered members of the MAA who were admitted to licensure in the profession, based on their successful completion of the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) administered by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). First introduced as the mandatory examination requirement in Manitoba in 1990, it served as the only examination stream in this jurisdiction for 18 years; until the Examination for Architects in Canada (ExAC) was developed and introduced in 2008.

The MAA Council had previously identified a sunset date for the ARE, when the exam moved to the computerized format and as a result, no longer included any Canadian content or involvement of Canadians in the development process; but it subsequently saw fit to extend MAA’s recognition through to Version 4.0 of the ARE, to enable interns in that stream both ample notification and time to complete same (since there was no transition to the ExAC made available for that version).

Administration of version 4.0 of the ARE ended this past summer and the MAA Council recently determined that it will formally cease to recognize the ARE as satisfying the examination requirements for registration in Manitoba, as of December 31, 2018. This means that, with the exception of those eligible for registration in Manitoba by way of one of the four existing Mutual Recognition Agreements or the Broadly Experience Foreign Architect Program, effective January 1, 2019, any other applicant will be required to provide evidence of successful completion of the ExAC to satisfy the examination component of the MAA’s requirements for registration.

Illegal Practice/Misrepresentation

The MAA has seen a disturbing increase in the number of architects from elsewhere in Canada and the USA, who have been delinquent in applying for registration and authorization to practice in the Province of Manitoba; exhibiting flagrant disregard for the legislation that governs the practice of architecture in this jurisdiction.

As with most jurisdictions in Canada and the USA, registration and authorization to practice in Manitoba is required when the individual and/or firm is ‘engaged for hire, gain or hope of reward in the planning or review for others of the erection, construction, enlargement or alteration of buildings …’ (as dictated by The Architects Act) and in advance of offering any such services; not merely at the stage when a seal is required. Individuals and firms who are offering services in Manitoba that might fall outside the restricted scope under legislation, but are misrepresenting themselves as an architect or architectural firm (if they are not registered with the MAA), are similarly in contravention of The Act.

In light of the growing frequency of such cases, Council has instructed that all members be informed of the MAA’s policy with regard to how it deals with those particular individuals and/or firms that have been deemed competent to practice elsewhere in Canada and/or the USA and who are able to demonstrate eligibility for registration/authorization to practice in Manitoba, in accordance with the MAA’s requirements; where remedies available under the laws of this province (injunction and/or prosecution) might be considered excessive, despite the MAA’s mandate for protection of the public interest.

Where there is evidence of misrepresentation and/or practice, prior to appropriate application being made to the MAA, by an individual and/or firm that is authorized to practice elsewhere in Canada or the USA, the MAA Council is prepared to enable applications for registered membership and/or firms to be submitted and considered, provided that the infraction is remedied by:

  • payment of the dues and fees that would have otherwise been payable, had any and all applications been addressed by the MAA at the appropriate time; and
  • an additional full year’s dues and fees, as applicable, are also remitted as a settlement.

2018 MAA Golf Tournament

October 22, 2018

A total of 41 members and staff participated in the 2018 MAA tournament, which was once again held at Bridges Golf Club in September 2018.

Participants were permitted to enter their own teams for the Texas Scramble format. With no handicaps claimed, it was the foursome comprised of Don Oliver, Jamie Robertson, David Wagner and Kent Woloschuk, who took home the trophy with a final score of 8 under par.

Other winners, at an individual performance level, included BJ Fehr for the Men's Closest to the Pin, David Wagner for the Men's Straightest Drive contest and Melanie Pratt for Women's Straightest Drive.

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