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The Gathering Circle - Thunder Bay Waterfront; BrookMcIlroy.

The Gathering Circle - Thunder Bay Waterfront; BrookMcIlroy

The Gathering Circle is an open-air pavilion located within the Spirit Garden at Prince Arthur’s Landing on Thunder Bay’s Downtown Waterfront. The Spirit Garden is a headland extending into Lake Superior and is one component of a larger revitalized public park. The design reflects Aboriginal concepts of the inclusive circle, peaceful coexistence and respect for nature. It serves as a central landmark in the downtown that grounds residents and visitors in a fuller understanding of the city’s deep origins, while giving expression to its Aboriginal founding culture.

The redevelopment at Prince Arthur’s Landing has transformed a formerly industrial section of Thunder Bay’s waterfront into a hybrid mixed-use village and animated waterfront park that reconnects the downtown to the shores of Lake Superior. With a focus on Indigenous placemaking, the project incorporates a range of landscapes, activities, park elements, and public art that represent the deep cultural and historic roots of the Thunder Bay region and acknowledge the ten thousand year history of the site.


2020 ExAC

At this time, the National Committee which administers the Examination for Architects in Canada (ExAC) is planning for the examination to proceed on November 2 & 3, 2020, as scheduled.

A formal statement has been posted on the ExAC website, with respect to the current pandemic and considerations that will be provided this year; including extended timelines for both registration for the exam and for submission of experience records to establish eligibility.

Interns who are interested in sitting for this year’s exam should visit the ExAC website, for relevant information and updates.


RAIC 2020 Virtual Conference on Architecture

The RAIC’s Annual Conference on Architecture is an important gathering for the profession in Canada. As the state of our day-to-day lives continues to shift and we adapt to new realities, the RAIC’s commitment to supporting the practice remains a top priority.

The RAIC has therefore transitioned its annual conference to a virtual platform. Join your colleagues and peers in a virtual learning and networking experience. The RAIC Virtual Conference on Architecture brings together professionals at every stage in their career to learn, explore, and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the practice.

The virtual program offers eighteen hours of structured learning in a flexible format, including an exclusive broadcast on June 4, 2020 with six sessions, and access to twelve additional on-demand sessions. Participants will learn from industry-leading experts through educational sessions on a diverse range of topics.

More information:


Winnipeg Fighting Covid

Winnipeg Fighting Covid is printing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for front-line workers in Manitoba starting with Ear Savers and moving into other protective equipment.

If you have a 3d printer and would like to donate visit:

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3D printing Ear-Savers.
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