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MAA e-Bulletin March 2014 No.1 Every building has an Architect. Birth Centre | Architect: MMP Architects.

Every building has an Architect. Birth Centre | Architect: MMP Architects.

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PWGSC Integrity Framework

These changes will take effect on March 1, 2014

This announcement follows the introduction of the Integrity Framework in July 2012 and further improvements made in November 2012. Since implementing these measures, we have engaged with other government departments and agencies as well as key industry stakeholders. As a result, PWGSC is announcing the following changes to ensure that business continues to be conducted in an open, fair, transparent and accountable manner:

  • Expansion of the list of offences that would render bidders and proponents ineligible to do business with PWGSC;
  • Debarment of bidders and proponents who receive foreign convictions similar to the Canadian offences listed in the Integrity Framework;
  • Expansion of debarment conditions to include guilty pleas with conditional or absolute discharge;
  • Requirement for all contractors to extend the same terms and conditions to subcontractors; and
  • Introduction of a 10 year-fixed debarment period.

These modifications apply only to procurements and real property transactions managed by PWGSC. These changes will be posted on our website and be in effect on March 1, 2014.

PWGSC is committed to monitoring on an ongoing basis its procurement and real property transactions to offer the highest standard of integrity, protect the interests of taxpayers, and ensure ethical behavior. Additional measures may be adopted as required. For further details, please consult the departmental Integrity Framework page at

If you have any questions on these measures, please submit them to the following address:

Characteristics and Properties of Glulam


Norwood Hotel, 112 Marion Street, Winnipeg, MB

INNOVATION IN WOOD DESIGN. The unique characteristics and properties of glulam will be discussed in terms of available shapes, sizes, species, textures, and finishes. The presentation will also touch on the technical aspects of manufacturing standards, quality control, and sustainability. Participants will learn the scope of work to expect from a glulam supplier as well as some project examples of common and uncommon applications.


9:30-10am check-in at registration
10-11am Session 1
11am-12pm Session 2
12-1pm complimentary lunch

More info:

Western Living Designers of the Year 2014

Deadline for entries is April 1, 2014.

Western Living's annual Designers of the Year competition celebrates the best new designs in Western Canada, as judged by Canada' foremost designers and architects.

Categories include: Architecture • Interiors • Furniture • Fashion • Industrial • Landscape • Eco • The Arthur Erickson Memorial for an emerging architect • The Robert Ledingham Memorial Award for an emerging designer.

More info:


Application deadline is Monday, March 3, 2014

The Faculty of Architecture, at The University of Manitoba, invites submissions for the annual disbursement from the Faculty of Architecture Endowment Fund. The amount available for disbursement is approximately $60,000.

Interest revenue generated from the Fund will be allocated to projects providing academic enrichment, or advancing the academic and research goals of the Faculty of Architecture as represented by: Architecture, City Planning, Environmental Design, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture. Applications are invited from constituencies related to the Faculty, normally to include staff, students, alumni and friends of the Faculty.

Details are available at:

15th Annual Better Buildings Conference "What's Old is New"

April 22-24, 2014

Clarion Hotel, Winnipeg, Manitoba

While new buildings are easier to regulate and reform for improved performance, it has proven more difficult to legislate the ownership and operation on buildings already on the landscape. Market pressure has been the main motivation for changing how a building operates. Utility costs, capital asset valuation or tenant desirability all have a role to play in the case for shifting away from the status quo. What are the tools, levers and techniques that can be brought to bear on all the buildings for which we are already responsible? Who has been a leader, what has worked and how can we go to the level beyond better?

More info:

Keynote speakers:



ON_THE_BOARDS is an initiative of STOREFRONT_MANITOBA aimed at strengthening the design community through comradery, sharing, discussion and critique of work among peers. Architects, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers and Planners are encouraged to take part. Hosting is voluntary, rotating through professional offices.

If you have a project in an early stage and are interested in presenting, or hosting, contact OTB: t:204.480.8421

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