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Storefront Manitoba is Hiring: Executive Director

Apply by 4:00 p.m. December 21, 2020

Storefront Manitoba is a project-based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the awareness and appreciation of architecture, design and the built environment throughout the province. The SfMB Executive Director is an energetic, dynamic and passionate advocate for these issues and, together with the Board of Directors, will help guide the vision and values of SfMB and implement our combined vision.

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As members will no doubt recall, earlier this year the MAA Council adopted a six month ‘grace period’ relative to compliance with the 2018/2020 cycle for the mandatory continuing education requirements. It both provided members who are reporting to the MAA as a primary jurisdiction, additional time for compliance as and where might be required, without penalty; and readily facilitated the extended deadlines for those members who have a primary reporting jurisdiction elsewhere and have opted for an equivalency with the MAA.

Reminders of the December 31, 2020 ultimate deadline for compliance have and will be sent directly by the MAA office to those who are reporting to the MAA as their primary jurisdiction and have not yet demonstrated compliance for the period. However, the MAA wishes to ensure that those members who are reporting elsewhere and have an equivalency with the MAA, are similarly reminded of the implications of non-compliance.

In accordance with Subsection 12.5 of the MAA By-Laws, any and all registered and intern members of the Association who fail to comply with the requirements applicable to them for the 2018/2020 cycle, by the end of the grace period on December 31, 2020, whether:

  • reporting directly to the MAA; or
  • reporting to one of the applicable jurisdictions under an equivalency option that has been executed and is on file with the MAA office; will be subject to the following penalties for non-compliance.

In accordance with the provision of the By-Laws and Council policies (including the grace period):

  1. Members who fail to comply by December 31, 2020 will be assessed a penalty of $500 + GST and will have 45 days (through to February 14, 2021) to both submit payment and demonstrate compliance;
  2. Members who fail to comply by February 14, 2021 will be assessed an additional penalty of $1,000 + GST and will have an additional 45 days (through to March 31, 2021) to submit payment of both penalties and demonstrate compliance; and
  3. Members who fail to do so by March 31, 2021, will be referred to the MAA’s Investigation Committee pursuant to Subsections 12.5(c), 15.1(b) and 16.2(a), for further action.

It is the MAA’s sincere hope that all members who are subject to requirements for the 2018/2020 cycle, will comply by or before the end of the six month grace period.



The MAA commonly receives a number of questions at this time of year, regarding when renewals will be forwarded and the deadlines for payment.

A draft budget and membership dues and practice fees for the following year are addressed at the December Council meeting each year. Invoices are generally forwarded during the last week of December or first week of January and, in accordance with the provisions of the MAA By-Laws, are payable by:

  1. the last day of February, without penalty; OR
  2. the last day of May (with penalty, in the case of some membership categories).

Payments may continue to be made by way of cheque, money order, bank draft or cash; or by way of credit card (Visa and Master Card only), through the online payment option that can be accessed through ‘Online Payments’ button that is prominently featured on the homepage of the MAA website.



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