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RAIC 2019 Awards of Excellence - Advocate for Architecture: Brent Bellamy

RAIC 2019 Awards of Excellence - Advocate for Architecture

The Advocate for Architecture award celebrates an individual who has made a public contribution to architecture in Canada by means other than the practice of architecture. It recognizes a long-term commitment to the profession at a national, regional or local level.

Medal Recipient: Brent Bellamy
Winnipeg, MB Architect

Brent Bellamy has become a leading advocate for sustainable city building and human-focused design through public speaking, teaching, mentoring, writing, and conventional and social media. Since 2010, Brent has contributed a regular column to the Winnipeg Free Press, and his political engagement has brought opportunities to influence public policy.

“His passionate advocacy for architecture is responsible for a strong public appreciation of architecture within his community, and beyond,” said the jury.


BEAP City Builders: Somia Sadiq

June 4, 2019 at 6:00 pm
238 Portage Avenue, 3rd Floor
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Somia Sadiq is the founder of Narratives, an environmental planning and community engagement practice. Her areas of experience include community development, energy, industrial manufacturing and processing, mining and resource extraction, and infrastructure development. Her portfolio includes a wide range of activities, including strategic communications and planning, risk management, impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation, and building and developing programs informed by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

Somia has a masters in Natural Resources Management from the University of Manitoba, where she looked at the meaning of Free, Prior, and Informed Consent. She is currently pursuing a PhD in the field of counterterrorism, looking at the role of communities in building programs to prevent violent extremism.


Accessible Employment Standard

The Province has introduced the second accessibility standard under the AMA, which is initially focused on employee safety and inclusion.

One in four Manitobans has a disability. Manitobans with disabilities are already an integral part of our workforce. They also represent a skilled segment of unemployed individuals looking for work.

Accessibility levels the playing field, improves productivity, and makes workplaces healthier and safer for everyone – often at little or no cost. The Accessibility Standard for Employment guides employers on how to recruit, hire and retain employees by preventing and removing barriers in the workplace.

Safety comes first. To ensure employee safety, by May 1, 2020, all Manitoba employers with one or more employees, including your organization, must have:

  • plans to provide individualized emergency response information to keep employees with disabilities safe; and,
  • permission from all employees who require assistance during an emergency to share that information with other individuals in the organization who have agreed to provide support.



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